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Potential Candidates

If you have innovative technology, strong R&D leadership, with a target international market andinclusive of one of the following, you’re an eligible candidate to join our venture capital.

Companies In distress

Companies desiring expansion

Startups structuring and restructuring

Actually What We Do

Areas Of Activity


Renewable Energy

Real Estate

Strategic Partners


American private equity company that centers on the development and licensing of intellectual property.

Boston Scientific

"When we challenge, we advance" Boston Scientific is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.


A Chinese government fund owned by the Guangzhou government and located in Guangzhou, Bio Island

Company Growth


*Companies valuation

*Million Dollars

No Data Found

No Data Found

Strong Management Team

Experienced team with proven track record in various markets.

A-Z Solutions

Whole solutions, including; R&D, management, legal, operation and business development.


Experience in various stock exchange markets for IPO/RTO roadshow.


Connections to investors, funds and venture capital.

Strong Connections

Connections to international companies for collaboration, joint ventures and distribution.

Creating Value

Significant skills in creating value to companies in our portfolio.

Who We Are

About Us

The SKY GLOBAL VENTURES Buyout fund makes capital investments in profitable, privately owned businesses, which show strong growth potential in the medium to long term.

SKY GLOBAL VENTURES seeks to understand the needs and goals of the current owners and tailor a solution that will meet those needs, while providing an attractive return, tailored to the risks of its investors.

SKY GLOBAL VENTURES’ ideal candidates for investments fall into two categories;

  1. Thriving businesses with a complete senior management team that only require financial capital to realize the company’s growth objectives.
  2. A business with the need for both capital infusion and augmented expertise within the senior management ranks

Completed more than 112+ projects.

84 experts consultants ready to help you.

625M$ Total Assets of the Company

We won 32 awards for best service on our portfolio companies

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