Bionik Group

Sky Global Ventures is a strategic partner of the Bionik Group fund.

Bionik Group mission is to do her part to combat climate change, promote human innovation, and create sustainable opportunities that raise GDP and reduce poverty.

Bionik Group is a Los Angeles based company, founded in 2001, that manages a consortium of syndicated companies that contribute to a unique and innovative funding model for Mega Space Smart City projects. Bionik Group role is to bring the vision, funding, management, and equity to the most technological advanced projects in the world. Bionik Group funding model is designed for minimal out-of-pocket costs to the project sponsor.

Bionik Group operates internationally in the energy, health, space, and cyber security space.  Bionik Group owns technologies that are used in a variety of these industries. Her goal is to make customers more profitable through the implementation of technologies and sustainable business practices.

Bionik Group are the inventors of her own technology from the understanding of the need to promote other inventors of cutting-edge green technologies.  Bionik Group goal is to partner with the inventor and use unique strategies to empower the inventor and bring their product to market in a fraction of the time.

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Strategic partner of Bionik Group fund.

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