Culture & Values

Team work

Teamwork is at the key of our work in Sky global ventures. We take enormous pride in our one-fund approach, operating collaboratively across businesses to achieve the best possible results. We continually look to help one another and work together towards common goals. Our approach saying “Many simple people can make great things together”.



We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do. Our reputation as a furnd and as a individuals is vital. Our word is our bond. As a learning organization, we are self-critical — acknowledging our mistakes and trying to do our best to learn from them.


Long term relationships

Business you do with people you probably like and trust. As a relationship-driven fund, we are committed to build sustaining long-term internal and external partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency. We know it takes years to build a strong partnership and reputation, while they can be ruined in just a few minutes.



We are determined to innovation. We challenge ourselves to learn new things, creating new ideas, learning new approaches, and never resting on our laurels. We work passionately to retain the entrepreneurial spirit that created our fund.



We aspire to be the greatest at what we do and to lead. We work with self-motivated, highly capable, results-oriented people. Each individual performance determine the fund success.

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