For 130 years our family specialized in developing a New age Natural, Organic, Green,

Pure and Medical Alternative.

We are 4 generations of Pharmacists that develop unique natural organic

medications and cosmetic formulas.

Some of Our formulas contains Cannabis treating Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis, Pain reliefs, Migraine and more.

Our family secrets, passed down from generation to generation.

The Bernstein family has passed the secrets of medicinal herbs and pharmaceuticals  through generations of  pharmacists, doctors and chemists, each of which improved our family recipes by incorporating new scientific knowledge and high-tech materials. Though we have traditionally emulated such ancient herbalists and medicinal scholars as the Rambam, working with all natural materials, we also make sure to craft our products with the high-tech methods, enzymes, peptides, innovative substances that are currently at the forefront of the bio-organic chemistry.  Our products help to improve the appearance and condition of the skin, as well as prevent signs of aging. Our special combinations create a series of natural, effective and highly active products based on materials derived from the Holy Land: 100% natural extracts from medicinal plants, natural, cold-pressed oils,  and  pure  essential oils and Dead Sea minerals.

DR. MICHAEL BERNSTEIN’s products produce a perfect, effective synergy of ancient methods, natural materials, and modern innovation, whose effects are clearly evident on the skin.

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