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The SKY GROUP REAL ESTATE Corporation is Israel`s leading company in the field of promoting, planning, management and execution of urban renewal projects.

Based on the company reputation and growth, the company is expected to build at least 500 housing units, in projects amounting to billions of shekels, over the next three years.

We believe that every person is entitled to adequate housing and that the process of evacuation and reconstruction is the future of urban construction, and one of the keys to resolving the land and housing shortage in Israel.

Among our core values are the Company’s financial resilience and the Company’s capital base as the basis for growth.

SKY GROUP REAL ESTATE is experienced in management of all of the aspects related to projects from their inception through to completion: beginning with the engineering design stage, the financing, taxation, legal support, marketing and sales, and through to management and execution. We offer a combination of management and engineering excellence, advanced building methods, quality and a personal touch.

Our projects are designed taking into account the nature of the environment and public spaces, and finding smart solutions that will enable a rich and interesting community life. Creating a new and modern living space while maintaining the highest standards of design and construction, in order to provide our customers with the optimal living experience.

Urban Renewal Projects carried out by SKY GROUP or its business partners

Complex Kiryat-Yam, Israel

Financial scope – $279,200,000

Pochas st., Petach-Tikva, Israel

Financial scope – $19,200,000

Hamery/Ein-Gedi st., Givatayim, Israel

Financial scope – $28,000,000

Hagdod Haivery st., Rishon-Letzion,Israel

Financial scope – $6,400,000

Herzel st., Bat-Yam, Israel

Financial scope – $15,200,000

Hanevyim st., Bat-yam, Israel

Financial scope – $16,800,000

Pinkas/Mendale st., Bat-Yam, Israel

Financial scope – $22,400,000

Danin st,. Bat-yam, Israel

Financial scope – $24,800,000

Mivza Sinay st,. Bat-yam, Israel

Financial scope – $20,800,000

Ben-Eliezer st,. Ramat-Gan, Israel

Financial scope – $21,600,000

Complex Bat-yam, Israel

Financial scope – $92,000,000

Jeruslaem st., Bat-Yam, Israel

Financial scope – $21,600,000

Ramat-Hagolan st., Ariel., Israel

Financial scope – $21,600,000

Malot-Dafna st.,Jerusalem., Israel

Financial scope – $24,800,000

Elmaliach st..,Bat-Yam., Israel

Financial scope – $9,600,000

Complex Kiriat-Yarim, Israel

Financial scope – $160,000,000

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