vVARDIS and patented WX Formula represent a revolution in Oral Care. Clean and sustainably produced, vVARDIS products whiten, brighten and help protect the teeth.

Patented WX Formula – Revolutionary whitening and protection

WX Formula is a globally patented, ground-breaking, versatile compound that represents the biggest step forward in Oral Care since the discovery of fluoride.
Present in most vVARDIS products, WX Formula is a radical, new way to whiten and help protect the teeth. The first whitening ingredient that is actually good for the teeth, it is the only one of its kind with such effectiveness and combination of benefits.

Direct from the Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are the birthplace and inspiration of vVARDIS, and the source of its most precious bioactive ingredients. The Alps also represent vVARDIS’s commitment to making sustainable, clean products that are good for entire oral ecosystem.

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